Joan is a widowed, retired teacher (age 67) who has recently remarried.  She and her new husband have decided to legally keep their assets separate.  Joan has 2 married daughters and 3 young grandchildren.

Joan has a pension as well as CPP and Old Age Security.  Her late husband’s RRSPs were transferred to Joan.  She has $425,000 in RRSP’s and $200,000 in non-registered savings.

Joan’s Goals:

  • To protect her assets
  • Wants sufficient growth to stay up with inflation
  • Reduce taxation
  • Help provide an education for her grandchildren
  •   Ensure that remainder of assets at her death pass to her daughters with the least amount of tax and expenses

Our Solution:

Develop an income strategy to cover expenses and provide for 2 vacations per year

Analyse and reposition investments  to protect her assets, lessen tax and maximize returns

Establish an education funding plan for grandchildren

Evaluate future estate planning issues and develop appropriate solution to maximize the amount transferred to daughters without impacting her retirement lifestyle.